Elementary Camps

The nature of science, the process of science and the practice of science are taught in our camps. The nature of science deals with issues in the philosophy, sociology, and history of science. It includes concerns, such as the nature or attributes of scientific knowledge itself — e.g., that scientific knowledge is durable, but is always inherently subject to change. The process of science addresses what scientists do in order to develop that knowledge. When students utilize observation, modeling or controlled testing of a hypothesis in our workshops, our instructors are highlighting and naming the process so that in addition to the specific concept they are learning, they also discover how to apply scientific thinking. The practice of science explores how science and engineering concepts can be applied to the real world. Our students experience that as they look through microscopes at pond water or initiate erosion in trays of sand.

We train young scientists to be careful and thoughtful observers. We work hard to strengthen our students’ communities, adding support, encouragement, and a new perspective on science that can propel them to explore the world around them and grow.

Our camps are designed to provide students with an opportunity to build on an interest in science and engineering to develop knowledge and analytics critical to success.


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Camp Descriptions

Camp Descriptions - 2020 (pdf)


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