Make a difference while having fun!

We create and deliver inspirational science education programs that prepare children of all ages and backgrounds for a future where science and technology will dominate virtually every industry and vocation. To achieve our mission, we need talented and dedicated people who are committed to making an impact. Become part of the Schmahl Science Workshops team as either a Research Mentor  or Workshop Instructor. 


Research Mentor

This role provides an opportunity to work with highly motivated and intellectually curious middle and high school students as you share your depth of knowledge surrounding science research or engineering processes in your field of interest.      While you are assisting students in learning new skills and concepts, you will be helping to grow the next generation of scientists and very likely extending your own learning!

General requirements: Strong research/engineering experience and enthusiasm for mentoring young scientists.   Disciplines include Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Technology.

Workshop Instructor

Become a part of our classroom program and open up the world of science to students across the bay area from a wide range of communities and backgrounds.    Proficiency and appreciation of science creates a foundation for higher academic achievement across disciplines, for a well-informed electorate and eco-citizenry.    Our workshops emphasize critical thinking, curiosity driven exploration, an appreciation for the many approaches/processes used in science, awareness of the arc of science history and FUN!     We are often told by teachers that students cheer when they learn they will have science that day and parents share that the most exciting dinner conversations of the week happen on science days at school.     Our instructors: have fun, make a difference, continue to be lifelong learners.

General requirements:  Our instructors are a blend of scientist, teacher and storyteller, personalized to the style and comfort of each individual instructor.   Disciplines include Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Earth Science.


What Our Employees Say ...

A very inspiring place for passionate teachers in Science Education. They go out of the way to provide enriching and highly engaging Science curriculum for students. Students are thrilled to attend Schmahl Science workshops and learn a great deal by participating in hands-on activities in the workshop.  Every lead teacher I worked with carries passion for Science and takes it to the students.  I have met very inspiring people in Schmahl Science.  My love for Science Education and ways to impart that to students gained new dimensions, after working with Schmahl Science.             

                                                                                 - anonymous on Glassdoor