Schmahl Science Research Program

We are excited that you are looking around to find out how you (or your student) can explore your interest in science research and/or engineering!    Our research program offers many opportunities to participate in research utilizing a wide variety of science technologies and techniques in the fields of: 

  • Biology, 
  • Chemistry, 
  • Physics, 
  • Earth Science, 
  • Digital Hardware, 
  • Software/Machine Learning

Students work one-on-one with a mentor in either our Seminar Research or Individual Research programs.      

Seminar Research allows the student to explore different possible research areas before choosing a course of individual research.   A seminar consists of 5 meetings where each meeting is 2 hours long.   During these 10 hours of the seminar, students will have the opportunity to perform many hands-on lab tasks while learning the underlying science principals and importance of the techniques in broader investigations.    The meetings are one-on-one with a mentor, scheduled at a mutually convenient time for student and mentor.

The Individual Research program is the next logical step after the student has participated in seminar research.   The opportunity to pursue individualized research is available at the discretion of the Executive Director of Schmahl Science and will depend on the students demonstration of interest and capability during the seminar experiences.   

Working one-on-one with a mentor, students will begin to explore a research topic or question where they have a particular interest.         While it is possible that students may enter their individual research into science fair, the primary interest of this program is to provide opportunities for emerging scientists to learn more about the underlying science, appreciate the components and process of ethical research and experience the sense of satisfaction in accomplishing something meaningful and difficult.

Students who complete the Individual Research program derive many benefits, in their present studies as well as in their path toward college.    They have learned to take a very large task (where the future steps and even destination are not necessarily visible) and begin a process of breaking it down into achievable first steps leading to subsequent levels of understanding and next steps.

Students may refer to their research experience in college admissions essays and interviews where they are working to illustrate their own special characteristics and achievements.

Some students go on to publish their research.   With the guidance and support of their mentor,  some students have had their paper accepted within a year of completing their research. 

More Info

Students and mentors meet at the Schmahl Science Research Laboratory located at 651 Phelan Avenue in San Jose, CA.    Our location is within History Park, just south of Happy Hollow Zoo.

Lab hours
Lab hours are Monday – Thursday from 3 pm to 7 pm, Friday from 3 pm to 6 pm and some Saturday mornings subject to mentor availability.

 For More Information:

  • Email   :
  • Phone :   408 281 7595   ext 10