After School Programs

Workshops Selection

After school workshops are held for students who may not have the opportunity during the school day to experience our engaging approach to science enrichment.    Workshops from the in school program are possible selections for an after school experience, but we also have additional workshops and series that are not offered in school.   Our "CSI" series and "Science of Leonardo da Vinci" are examples of thematic series that we offer in an after school setting.

Hosting After School Science

After school programs are hosted by schools on behalf of their students.  Typically, students must be enrolled at the school to be eligible to participate.    We work with:

  • School Districts - workshops offered at all schools within the district
  • Full Day Private Schools - workshops offered during the coordinated after school program
  • Private After School Programs - after school only schools organized around academic or language enrichment that wish to add a science component
  • Homework Club - individual tutoring programs wanting to include hands-on experiences for the students

 For More Information:

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  • Phone :   408 281 7595   ext 14