A successful record of respected research by students ..


 An integral part of Schmahl Science Workshops (SSW) is our award-winning Individual Research Program that guides junior and senior high school students through a comprehensive research life cycle.  Many past students have entered science fair competitions.   We continue to support entry into science fair as well as inquiries toward publication and other presentation opportunities.  The Individual Research mentorship program matches students with scientists and engineers and provides access to advanced lab facilities and the excitement of science exploration at the next level.

Individual Research Program (formerly ASRP)

As of 2019

Our students have continued to win awards at science fair as a natural by-product of their enthusiasm and research accomplishments.    Additionally, some students have published papers or received special opportunities as a next step beyond their research at Schmahl Science.

Former student, Samuel Kim is spotlighted in the below article.

Former student, Shiloh Curtis won the TopPrize of the California State Fair in 2014.

Since 1996

Over 500 SSW students have earned recognition including science fair awards and honors, patents and more.

  • Top School, and Top teacher awards
  • Isabelle Stone Award Grand Prizes
  • Grand Prizes and Alternate Grand Prizes Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) awards
  • California State Science Fair (CSSF) awards
  • BioGenius Competition
  • Broadcom Masters Competition
  • Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge semifinalist awards
  • Awards from scientific and engineering societies: the Society of Woman Engineers, American Society of Microbiology and American Society of Material Science
  • Patents pending: bio-films to minimize liquefaction, water filtration and antimicrobial agents
  • Internships at leading Bay Area companies
  • Full scholarships to the COSMOS Student Research Program
  • Cash prizes of over $50,000