Science at Home!

Schmahl Science has ideas for you!    There are many possibilities for science explorations you and your family can do at home.   We have developed lesson plans that will provide background information, detailed descriptions of activities, a vocabulary list and links to additional resources. 


Our mission is to prepare children of all backgrounds for a future where science and technology will dominate virtually every industry and vocation.

The children at Schmahl Science Workshops love science.  Like children everywhere, they learn most effectively when they are challenged and having fun.  We are a partnership of students, parents, scientists, engineers and educators who have come together to help foster this interest in science.  We believe that children are motivated to learn when their ideas are cultivated through the joy of designing and carrying out an experiment. Our workshops enable students to explore and invent what inspires them, and to develop the skills needed to achieve success in all areas of their lives

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